Getting Into Good Trouble for Children and Families

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, almost 50 million Americans are living in poverty and almost 16 million of them are children.

As a member of the Ways and Means Human Resources Subcommittee, Congressman Lewis has been getting in “good trouble” by fighting to protect programs serving women, children in foster care, and struggling families. 

Lewis co-sponsored the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act that provides children with pre-existing conditions access to health care insurance and provides affordable coverage options. He also reintroduced the National Parents Corps Act that creates a national network of parents who would educate and train other parents to lead an effort in preventing drug abuse, gang activity, and other hazardous behaviors among middle school and high school age students. 

Other recent benefits for 5th District families include:

  • 7,800 young adults in the 5th district now have health insurance due to a provision that allows parents to retain children on their health plan until the age of 26.
  • 20,000 children and 110,000 adults now have health insurance that covers preventive services without paying any co-pays, coinsurance, or deductibles.
  • 750 small businesses in the Congressman’s district received tax credits to help maintain or expand health care coverage for their employees.
  • 8,000 to 39,000 children with preexisting health conditions can no longer be denied coverage by health insurers
  • $24.6 million in public health grants have been given to community health centers, hospitals, doctors, and other healthcare providers in the district to improve the community’s health.

John Lewis  “I am of the opinion that healthcare is a right.  It should not depend on the size of your wallet or the digits in your zip code.  Contracting a major illness should not be a leading cause of bankruptcy in this country…….. In just two years millions of Americans are already seeing lower costs and better coverage.“

Lewis has championed legislation and initiatives, which not only help families, survive hard times and emerge from poverty, but become self-sufficient in the long-term.  In addition to introducing the Look-Back Elimination Act, the National Parents Corps Act, and the Stephanie Tubbs Jones Assets for Independence Act, he also cosponsored:

    The Paycheck Fairness Act, a bill to eliminate pay disparities between men and women;

    The Healthy Families Act, a bill to establish a national paid sick days standard; and

    The Family and Medical Leave Act, a bill to expand and improve FMLA benefits.