Getting Into Good Trouble for Georgians

Rep. John Lewis, “There is nothing people talk about more than jobs.  Some have been searching for work for years.”  

The American people want one thing. They want jobs, good jobs, jobs that pay the bills, give people back their dignity, and get people back on track with the American Dream. This country deserves nothing less. Lewis sponsored the Back to Basics Job Creation Act of 2011 that is currently being reviewed in Congress. He has sponsored a series of workshops within the 5th Congressional District to support unemployed constituents. 

Congressman Lewis has helped secure millions of dollars for Georgia’s 5th District through projects that include Grady Hospital, the Atlanta Streetcar Project and other grants and federal funding opportunities that benefit his district and Georgians. 

He often says that he will not be outworked and his voting record supports his tireless efforts.

  • He has sponsored 22 Bills
  • He has co-sponsored 315 Bills

Some of the legislation he has supported for Georgians in the 5th District includes:

  • Helping some who 7,800 young adults in the 5th district now have health insurance due to a provision that allows parents to retain children on their health plan until the age of 26.
  • As of June 1, 2011, 85,090 young adults in the entire state of Georgia gained health insurance coverage
  • In the state 1,713,000 people in Georgia with private insurance received preventive care coverage at no cost to them.
  • 750 small businesses in the district received tax credits to help maintain or expand health care coverage for their employees.
  • $24.6 million in public health grants have been given to community health centers, hospitals, doctors, and other healthcare providers in the district to improve the community’s health.
  • Rated 100% by the League of Conservation Voters for his pro-environment legislative support
  • He voted for environmental education grants for outdoor experiences.
  • Voted on $9.7B for Amtrak improvements and operation thru 2013.