John Lewis for Congress Campaign Launches Online Campaign Headquarters in Time for Early Voting

Early voting in Georgia begins today and the John Lewis for Congress campaign is working to get more people out to the polls through a new innovative social media tool.

More than 50 years ago, John Lewis and other civil rights leaders organized sit-ins, boycotts and the March on Washington without cell phones, the internet or Facebook. However, today our conversations and canvassing can be done with a simple wireless connection or from your smart phone. As the July 31st election date draws near, the campaign wants to invite voters to become online campaign volunteers. The new social media tool software has only been used in a few campaigns nationally and the John Lewis for Congress campaign is the first in Georgia.

The software tool is linked to the commonly used political software, Votebuilder.  Through the users Facebook account, the software can identify friends in the Congressman’s district and provides options for email reminders, important voting deadlines and other campaign notices. For busy voters who want to participate in the campaign but can’t find the time, this tool offers the opportunity to do that.

The link to the tool is

Congressman Lewis is an organizer at heart and has always believed in the power of the people to make real, significant change. The Online Campaign Headquarters is another way for people to join his campaign team and become one of the first people in the country to use this powerful new organizing tool.  

Matt Weyandt, campaign manager for John Lewis for Congress says, “We have a robust Facebook page and social media is a critical way for us to connect with constituents, so this tool is a great companion to our other campaign outreach efforts. It’s not your father’s campaign anymore. Of course campaigns will always need people canvassing and phone banking but its great to activate the thousands of people who follow us online and on Facebook.”