Rep. John Lewis on World AIDS Day

I am glad to hear that the U.S. federal government has been doing its part to help nations meet the oppressive demand of the HIV/AIDS pandemic. Only 20 years ago, a diagnosis of AIDS was considered a death sentence.  Today because the U.S. government united its efforts with those of nations around the world, we are beginning to make some progress.  And if we continue working together as a world community and use the advances in scientific research effectively, maybe one day this disease will become as rare as small pox is today.

A virus does not discriminate.  It does not respect rich or poor, race or creed, religion or nationality. That is why we must put aside any fear or reservation we may have and do all we can to help each other, wherever we may find the sick and the suffering.  Through unity and an enduring respect for the dignity of all humankind together we can bring an end to this disease together.