• Civil Rights and Civil Liberties

    The journey for justice and equality is one in which we each have a role in supporting. Though we have made great progress over the years, there is still work to be done. We are stronger when we celebrate the diversity of all the people and cultures that call the 5th District home.

  • Children, Women, and Families

    I was raised to believe the true strength of a community begins in the homes of the individuals that inhabit it. At an early age we must invest in the proper resources to ensure our families are able to compete and prosper in a rapidly changing economy.

  • Education

    Over one dozen colleges, universities, and technical schools call the 5th District home – making it a marque destination for post-secondary studies. I will continue working to ensure all students have access to an affordable, competitive education, utilizing innovative technology and facilities.

  • Environment

    We have an obligation to preserve this planet for generations yet unborn. Investing in clean, renewable energy and reducing waste are key steps we must take to maintain a healthy environment and should be reinforced by meaningful legislation of the like.

  • Health Care

    Access to affordable, comprehensive healthcare should be a right for all Americans! We must continue building on the progress of the Affordable Care Act and ensure no American is turned away at the doors of a hospital for lack of coverage.

  • Jobs and the Economy

    As the 5th district continues to grow in population, our work to create and maintain good paying jobs must remain steadfast. In order to maintain this progress, we must develop a strong, productive workforce; one in which pays living wages and ensures personal and professional growth and development.

  • Transportation

    Continued investment in our roadways and bridges, upgrades to MARTA, and improved services in Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport are important to ensure the 5th District continues to run efficiently.

  • Voting Rights

    The right to vote has and always will remain the most powerful non-violent tool we have in a democratic society. We must, each and every one of us, continue to protect this sacred right and ensure everyone is afforded the opportunity to vote.